getObject is run by me, freelance videogame critic, Paul Walker-Emig. This started life as a podcast about objects in videogames, hosted by myself and my friend Rosie (check out her work on Diane). Doing that show, we discovered what a powerful and unique lens objects can provide to help us think about videogames. I am continuing that work here via a written series called Object Oriented, but I also aim to broaden the scope of getObject to bring the same kind of cultural and political analysis to games at large, via written pieces, videos and podcasts. 


Here on getObject you'll find:


  • Object Oriented: a written series about objects in games.

  • Inventory: a video series about specific objects from games, featuring developer interviews

  • Regular Articles: on whatever games or subjects peak my interest. 

  • Pico Mix: a video series introducing you to cool and underappreciated Pico 8 games.

  • Podcasts: featuring longer and uncut interview from Inventory and perhaps some other stuff. ​

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